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Act a little Greener

Wondering about the little things you can do to your home to become a little more energy conscience? Here are few simply items you can complete by the end of the week that will help your home become a little more efficient. Bathroom Big: Install a low-flow aerating showerhead. Most models allow you to save around 30 percent on water usage without compromising on your shower experience. Small: Avoid using toxic cleaning products, as chemicals find their way into the atmosphere and waterways. As you run out of old cleansers, replace with nontoxic cleaning products. Kitchen Big: Replace your old refrigerator or dishwasher with an energy-efficient model. Look for models that either meet or go beyond ENERGY STAR levels, like a new 4-Door French-door refrigerator from LG that's 20 percent more efficient than the minimum ENERGY STAR standard. The fridge achieves efficiency through linear compressor technology that alters output based on demand from the refrigerator. This means fewer temperature swings, ultimately using less energy and saving you money. Small: Plant a garden, as the food out of your garden will be fresher and won't need to be transported to the store or to your home. Bedroom Big: Buy all-natural bedding that is made from earth-friendly materials. Small: Unplug gadgets like cell phone chargers and unused appliances before going to bed, since they can use energy even when they are plugged in and not in use. Laundry room Big: Buy an energy-efficient washer and dryer. Consider a high-efficiency, front-load machine like a SteamWasher from LG. It uses more than 50 percent less water per load and is roughly 86 percent more energy-efficient than conventional top-load machines. Small: Clean your dryer vent after each load, because even a partially clogged vent will hurt your dryer's efficiency. Energy center Big: Invest in a programmable thermostat, which can save you money by setting temperatures lower when you plan to be away or while you sleep. Some even can be controlled remotely while you are away. Small: Replace incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs. Garage Big: If you're in the market for a new car, buy a gas-sipping hybrid. Small: Take public transportation. Better yet, where possible, bike or walk on one trip each week where you would usually drive. Living room Big: Buy an ENERGY STAR-rated TV that will save you money when it's both on and off. With very low standby and on-mode power consumption, some new LED HDTVs from LG use only about 7 cents of electricity a day for average viewing of six hours daily. Small: Unplug your DVD player or other accessories when they are not in use, especially when leaving for an extended time like a vacation. Whether they are big or small, your energy-saving contributions won't go unnoticed by Mother Nature or your pocketbook. For more on The Green House project and more helpful home energy tips, visit You can also take the ENERGY STAR Pledge at and join with millions of others in making energy-efficient choices at home and at work that save energy, save money and protect the environment.

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