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Do I need to get a home insepction?

Short answer - no. The right answer - it's in your best interest to get one. As with anything you purchase it is proper to do your due diligence. You wouldn't buy a used car without taking it to your mechanic first. So why not when you're buying a used home? A home inspection will give you a unbiased opinion by a third party professional on the current condition and give you tips on how to properly maintain your property. The reports are NOT enforceable, they are NOT code inspections, or appraisals. Keep in mind - just because there is a defect reported it does not mean the seller must repair it.  It is an extensive report that documents hundreds of systems and subsystems in a home for your information only. Then, in most cases, after the inspection you can go back to the seller, with your fully loaded ammunition,  and renegotiate the agreement of sale by receiving credits, repairs, or walking away. This is all for your benefit! The fee for the inspection will totally pay for itself with the money it will save you in unforeseen defects. So, do you need to get a home inspection...? I think you know the right answer. Check out this form created by the US Department of Housing.

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