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They said WHAT!?!

Well,I just got off the phone with an inspector friend of mine and we spoke about the (obvious) slow market for us. He told me that a lot of his agents are recommending that their buyers opt out of the inspection so they can save a few bucks in the process. WHAAAT!? I can't believe I heard that. You might as well buy a house solely based on its price tag, sight unseen. Why even look at it? So you're telling me that these people would rather take the risk of pumping 1,000's of dollars into their home after they move in? I can't believe I am hearing this.

Do you know how often I go on an inspection where the client said, "wow, that was a waste of money."? NEVER!! I think it is safe to say that with every home inspection completed out there, it is worth well over our asking price. That is, for the cost of a home inspection you are getting a lot of useful  information. Please, before you "opt-out" of your inspection, talk to a friend who has had an  inspection before and get their opinion, or you can call or email me.

Please, get a home inspection - call or visit the 'contact us' page to schedule.

215 279 2813


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